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I have been a qualified massage therapist since 1991 developing advanced skills since then and still continuing to do so. The more you learn, the more you realize what you don’t know! Make’s you hungry to continue to learn.

During this time I have developed my skills working within different Chiropractor Clinics, Hospitals, On-Site Offices and Corporate Companies. I am now primarily based at my private practice Healthspace21 in South Moreton.

Each first visit a client’s needs are accessed before being treated; each treatment will be tailored to their needs, along with advice on self care or any specific home exercise, possible preventions or habitual patterns that are causing injury, discomfort or pain.

In some cases for example apart from a direct impact, sporting injury or road traffic accident. You have the symptom….. But what’s the cause? Physical or mental?

Sonia Jane Dehavillande

Founder, Health Space 21

After completing my I.T.E.C qualification in Holistic Massage and an Anatomy & Physiology Diploma, I perused further courses diversifying into Sports and Remedial treatment leading onto other complementary therapies which I felt I could offer a whole health approach to my treatments. So, therefore like all businesses that search for the right name to associate their business, I felt Healthspace linked my treatments rather then just offering massage. After some further though Healthspace was set up in the year 2000 hence adding the Healthspace with 21 the start of the 21st century!

Now Healthspace21 continues to grow and develop keeping abreast of the complementary industry, this is where I’m excited to launch the start of new workshops based on the Seventh Level Breathing techniques. Of which I have recently benefitted from on a personal level. These new and recently adapted techniques have really helped me to copy and deal with my life experiences over the last 10 year.

As a result in feeling calmer, less stressed and focused through using the Seventh Level Breathing techniques, made me feel like wanting to help teacher others how to deal with their difficult circumstances and situation. Also, help promote their creativity and develop an awareness of their own tensions and stress, being able to self-help themselves. Valuable life skill to use on a day to day….


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Treating people who want to heal faster from surgeries, operations or traumatic experience emotionally and physically. With a focused on holistic wellbeing and healing approaches to physical and holistic treatments, and massage therapy.


4 Crown Lane, South Moreton, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 9AQ