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The power of positivity: release the pain of the past and fear of the future

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just one conscious breath a day will change your life

This workshop runs for 4 hours, during this time we will cover:

What 7th Level Breathing helps,

  • Your breathing patterns.
  • What stresses and triggers you
  • The intricate sensory network and breathing
  • Attunement 1 & 2
  • Breathing exercises and understanding


You will also recieve a comprehensive manual when it is finally printed and will receive an attendance certificate

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Many of us go our whole lives without actually learning breath work, learning will help you feel, focus and experience a fuller life.

Mindfulness of Breathing with 7th Level connection is the most important course for life. This is an exciting and interesting 4-hour workshop to help you manage the stress, anxiety in your life, and the changing earthly vibrations. We all experience stressful moments in our lives and some manage this better than others. During this workshop, you will have an understanding of your own breathing patterns and how your thoughts have a direct link with your breathing. You will also learn how you can use your breathing to change how you react to everything. Breathing is something that generally goes on in the background of our lives and yet we pay little attention to it. Eckart Tolle says in his book ‘New Earth’ “One conscious breath a day will change your life.” Imagine if you could be conscious of your breathing most of the time.

Treating people who want to heal faster from surgeries, operations or traumatic experience emotionally and physically. With a focused on holistic wellbeing and healing approaches to physical and holistic treatments, and massage therapy.


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